What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

Both are industry terms used to describe the work of cleaning a vehicle. AutoMOTO Detail uses the word valet specifically to dfferentiate between interior (valet) and exterior (detail) services 

What type of paint protection is used in exterior details and how long does it last?

AutoMOTO Detail includes as standard a sealant coating. This is a fully synthetic product which chemically bonds to the paint of the car to give between 3-5 months protection, and a nice gloss finish. See Protective Coatings page in SERVICES for alternative options.

Can all of the scratches in my paintwork be polished out?

If you are able to insert a fingernail inside a scratch, it has broken through the topcoat and cannot be polished out. We visually assess the level of scratch/swirl marks and choose the best combination of polishing compound and pad in order to remove as much as possible. If this is a priority, then we recommend the "Superior" detail, which has additional levels within the service to try and optimise the level of scratch removal 

What is clay barring?

Clay barring your car is the final stage in cleansing your paintwork. It creates a super smooth surface by removing minute and unseen dirt particles which still remain on the paintwork even after it has been thoroughly cleaned. A clay bar is not unlike a piece of plasticine and has a slightly sticky formulation, which when carefully wiped over your paintwork with a lubricant (to avoid scratching), will remove a surprising amount of dirt, leaving the vehicle in optimal condition before polishing .   

What is iron decontaminant remover?

Application of an iron decontaminant remover is a highly efficient way to remove minute metal particles (from brakes) embedded on wheels and paintwork, which if left can potentially cause corrosion. In the case of wheels this treatment allows the original wheel surface to shine, but also retain its new brighter appearance for longer. The chemical reaction when the product is applied can be clearly seen in the third picture in the Detailing Processes section of the IMAGE GALLERIES. Wheel treatment is included in" Premium" and "Gold" exterior details, and wheels and bodywork in "Superior" and "Platinum" 

How long will refurbished headlights stay clear?

We use an Si02 Quartz ceramic protectant once the lights have been cleaned. Dependent on driving conditions and mileage driven, you can expect them to retain clarity for up to a year, but the simple acts of washing regularly and occasionally adding a thin layer of wax will help keep them in good condition 

Do you do chip repairs and/or wheel refurbishment:?

Unfortunately these are both categories of work we are unable to offer

Why does leather seat cleaning carry a supplement?

Over time dirt gets ingrained into the leather and to clean them properly means every single panel needs to be individually wiped clean, potentially steamed, product applied, then wiped clean again. If you count the component panels, the seat squab has a base, 3 sides and two bolsters, the back a main support and two bolsters, plus two sides. Overall that gives a total of 12 panels, plus another 3 for the headrest. If you start to factor in 5 seats and headrests, and at least 5 minutes per seat, the time taken just for the seating, (not forgetting vacuuming), means significant extra time taken in completing an interior valet.