What can I say, I'm sure its all been said before. What Paul doesn't know about his craft can’t possibly be worth knowing. Yes I was sceptical, he showed me swirls that looked like a cross section of a 200 year old oak tree! The whole car was full of them but I couldn’t see any when he finished. I have metallic paint and now the particles really pop in the sunlight. There is no question Paul knows what he's doing and the prices he charges are incredibly reasonable. Seven hours he worked on my car and it wouldn’t look out of place in a showroom. I wanted to get it back to its original state as far as was possible…job done! 

Mike Jennings

 AmaZing ….. Fantastic service, the quality of work is brilliant … I am sooo pleased to have found Paul, I highly recommend his service … I will certainly have him “do” my car again, he has suggested once a year for the polish … but she is now more glossy than when I bought her … Thankyou thankyou thankyou !! 

Morag Christy

 This is a superb service for which I would be happy to award 10 stars! Paul goes above and beyond and you can see that he loves his work and is rightly proud of the results he achieves. He made my 4 year old company car look brand new. Not only would I recommend him, but I will be getting my husband's BMW and my Mini regularly looked after by Paul. He does an amazing job!! 

Jacqueline Reddin-Williams

 Excellent service. Paul knows exactly what he is doing. His advice and knowledge on products and treatments is second to none. The results speak for themselves. Exceptional attention to detail and Paul has a genuine pride in delivering the finished product. I would definitely recommend his services. Will continue to use him in the future. 

Andrew Shadwell

 I was recommended by a friend, and I could not have been happier. First Paul did the interior of my Passat and it came up like new. Then I asked him to my son-in-law's car, which - no kidding - had not been washed for 2 years. The result was incredible. Paint which was in poor condition before was sparkling afterwards. The day after Paul's intervention, it rained and the water just ran off. Incredible outcome. I can't recommend Paul highly enough. I have two other cars which I'm going to ask Paul to do next. 

Tim Williams

 A first class job with results way beyond our expectations. Our well used VW Touran now has paintwork that looks brighter than when it left the factory and a fresh and pristine interior. A great job Paul!! 

Robert Measham

 Paul was given a 10 year old BMW 3 Series Tourer to work on and which, apart from being cleaned at home, had never undergone a previous professional deep clean. I was bowled over by the transformation! Looked almost new. Worth every Euro! I can highly recommend Paul. 

Geoffrey Cogger

 “Had a full valet on my Grandads Grand Scenic that had been neglected and the results when finished were fantastic, very good job done and looks like it has come out of the showroom again. Can’t recommend enough.” 

Jon Davis

 Paul always does a good job, spending as long as the task needs. I've used him twice so far and will do so again. 

Jonathon Fitton

 Paul did my Volvo S60, it is 19yrs old and now it looks maybe 3 to 5yrs old at worst. It is amazing how great it looks. Immaculate is not the best possible word for the job done on this elderly car. A very polite man, time keeping perfect as the time he set he was at my home. With having a Labrador and the tons of hairs in the car and on the carpets he never said a word wrong of the state of the interior of the car. Due to age and all sorts being carried in the car, the boot carpet was stained and now none, gone. The leather seats are all looking spanking new and smelling divine too. The windows are not windows at all now, it looks like they are invisible totally. I can see through them now. My car had an extreme makeover by Paul and at a price that no one could fault. A lot of effort and hard work not to mention the sweat in the 30Cs. This is my first time having Paul do the car and it is not the last time, for sure he will be back next year to do it all over again. This man is a treasure, a hard worker and a real perfectionist. So a mega thank you I am so delighted. 

Victoria Camp

 Here is a man who knows what he is doing 100%. He is thorough, professional and almost a magician. He brought my aged Mercedes R class back to sparkling form. Thank you Paul. 

Steve Kemeny

 “Quality service and great results, worth the money!” 

Tim Sankey

 “I just want you to know how delighted I am with the way you have brought my lovely old Corsa back to 'nearly new' looks.” 

Wendy Pollard

 " Paul spent 6 hours just on the outside paintwork and glass working his magic with a clay bar, the results are stunning. I'm afraid to use the car now, I don't want to get it dirty! " 

Tim Hughes

 “Looks better than the day I bought it!” 

Ian Heselton

 “Many thanks for doing such a lovely job on my car - I am really pleased with it.” 

Sue Carr

 “Thanks again for your sterling efforts on the Touran, it looks 1000% better!” 

Mike Innell

 "Thank you for cleaning my car today , I can’t tell you how happy and pleased I am to see it back to its original state, fantastic job Paul" 

Linda Blackie

 Excellent job on two cars. I have not seen either look as good since they were picked up from the showroom. Would definitely use Paul again. 

Patricia Compton

 Sublime travail, merci encore!!! 

Clement Arnoux

 Paul did a magnificent job in restoring my wife's VW Lupo, in particular the interior ravaged by a dog with her muddy paws and shedding coat! Looked like new. Highly recommended 

John Gregory

 We couldn't believe what Paul did on his visit. It might be imagination but it seems to run like a new car as well as looking a million dollars 

Brian Epton

 My 3008 looked like it just came out of the showroom.!! 

Neville Vakharia

 Did a fantastic job on my Octavia VRS with a full detail and ceramic coating, the result was a black car that had an amazing mirror shine. Will definitely use again and highly recommend. 

Jon Davis

 Due to moving to my homeland I was forced to sell my Mercedes E 220 Cdi Break here in France. To bring the car in tip top condition I came into contact with Paul. He gave my car a beauty treatment with a stunning result. My car looks like new and will certainly be sold shortly. Thanks to Paul 

Jules Rauwendaal

 “Very good service, pleased with result, highly recommend.” 

Eric Wilkinson

 Superb valeting. Very pleased with the finish and professionalism of Paul. 

William Jocelyn

 Paul did an interior valet on my mini and professionally cleaned my cabriolet roof. The car hadn’t been used for a period and had started growing mould on the inside and smelt terribly musty. He was on time, worked for over three hours and was exceptionally thorough. The car was in far better condition than when I bought her from a dealer. I was so impressed at how clean and fresh the car was. It felt like driving a new car. I would happily use again and would recommend him to everyone. 

Bex Walters

 I never thought I would spend this amount of money on a car clean and polish (Oct 19), but absolutely well worth it. Paul made my 21 year old Toyota MR2 look beautiful and the polished paintwork has remained protected for many months with his expertise and use of quality products. I can thoroughly recommend. 

David Depledge

 A fantastic service, my ten year old car is like new inside & out! Paul pays attention to every detail. I am really, pleased with the results. 

Lesley Roads

 Arrived at the agreed time with all the necessary equipment to take into account the environmentally sensitive place where we live. A great attention to detail that took a tired looking car back to showroom standard. The service was polite and everything was left spotless. We would definitely recommend AutoMOTO Detail if you want your vehicle revitalised. It was definitely worth every penny. 

Kim Gilbert

 We were highly impressed with the effort and attentiveness put into producing a perfect result. The car looks better than new with a deep gloss shine, and the protective ceramic coat has proven a worthwhile investment to maintain the finish. Very happy with AutoMotoDetail and the end result. Would happily recommend to anyone considering similar work. 

Andrew Course

 Paul spent a good part of yesterday giving my Mercedes SLK a good detailing. Nothing was too much trouble and nothing was missed. To my eyes the car looks as good as new and I am very pleased with the work done, at what I consider to be a very reasonable price. Thanks. 

Jeremy Stoker

 I love my Jaguar, I know it is not new, but after Pauls' expert cleaning and polishing it now looks like new. He took a number of hours but well worth it, spotless inside and out. Will now get him to do my old Jeep Cherokee. 

Colin Ashby

 This is the second time I’ve used this service and I could not be more satisfied with the results. I would have no hesitation in recommending AutoMOTO Detail to my friends or to anyone else. A very high standard. 

Beth Skivington

 Superb job by Paul on our Range Rover sport, extremely professional in every aspect & car looked stunning on completion. Can't recommend Paul highly enough!! Will definitely use his services again. 

Steve Hall

 Great job with all the necessary equipment 7 hours of toil to return our BRG MGF to its prime, very dedicated & focussed & undistracted by the offer of a glass of wine! Recommend you use his services. 

Richard Evans

 Super travail très professionnel et de qualité avec beaucoup de perfectionnisme et de rigueur pour un rendu nickel!!! Translation Great work very professional and quality with a lot of perfectionism and rigour for a clean rendering!!! 

Julie Quillet

 Absolutely delighted with the end result. Real attention to detail. The finish on my 15 year old Discovery is outstanding. Thank you. 

Elizabeth Birks

 Although my car is only a little over 2 years old, I have driven it for over 50,000 km throughout Europe and it was looking a little tired. However, after a day of washing, cleaning, polishing and buffing it looks like it did when it first left the showroom. Super work, Paul. Thank you. 

Kim Gilbert

 J'ai utilisé 2 fois Paul sur nos voitures et j'ai été étonné de la qualité du travail qu'il fait. Recommanderais sans hésitation Translation: I have used Paul twice on our cars and I was amazed at the quality of the work he does. Would recommend without hesitation 

Bob Greatbanks

 A fantastic service - professional, thorough and the car looks amazing! 

Emma Bracegirdle

 I can thoroughly recommend Paul and the service he offers. Throughout the hours he spent here, he was courteous and efficient doing a brilliant job on my less than showroom clean motor. Don’t hesitate if you think his fee is rather expensive, the results more than compensate. 

Suzanne Malone

 My Triumph Stag had been detailed before about 5 years ago and was needing another inside and out detail. I took up 2 references, both very positive. So I booked Paul in after discussing on the phone what was the best detailing for my pride and joy. He followed this up with a Devis. His work was exemplary. The finish is outstanding at a reasonable price. Highly recommended. 

Charlie Nott

 We were really pleased with the services of AutoMOTO Detail. The car was pristine and the seat cleaning was fantastic. A professional, friendly service. Highly recommend. Many thanks. 

Caroline Evans

 Turned up on time, spent 8 hours and left a very old and dirty car in showroom condition! 

Paul Ysart

 I have to recommend Pauls eye for detail and organisation. He arrived on time with a car full of well packed kit all of which seemed to be used in detailing my car. Quality products only were used. My car looked as new and having recently purchased the car now felt like it was mine, clean inside and out. Now since washing the car myself the benefit of the finish to the paint can really be appreciated. I will certainly use Pauls services again and can recommend him to anyone. 

Philip Clare

 I have a beaten up old Clio and during the winter and spring months my long haired dog leaps in and out every day, wet and muddy. I keep thinking I'll clean it up next week.... This year I let it go till July! Now someone is coming to stay and shame moved me to book Paul for a thorough interior clean. Wow, what a difference! It has had a really deep cleanse, and more than that all the embedded long dog hair has disappeared, and gosh he worked so hard at that, not a one left behind. It smells fresh and pleasant, and is a pleasure to drive. He's friendly, one heck of a worker, and obsessed with a perfect finish, can't be recommended too highly. Renault Clio- Interior valet 

Liz Taylor

 My car looks magnificent. Honestly I have been having it valet cleaned in the UK for the last 10 years BUT IT HAS NEVER LOOKED LIKE THIS! It looks like a new car. Thank you so much! Skoda Octavia estate- Interior valet 

Jane Doran-Webb

 My BMW 730LD has just had the "Superior" Exterior paintwork plus the S102 Quartz coating and I am extremely happy with the result. The car looks better than it did when I purchased it when it was a year old. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul. 

Matthew Storkey

 WE are very very pleased with the SAAB - you have made an ugly duckling a swan, delighted to have a "New" Car., can't believe the difference 

Gilbert Long

 We are so pleased with the the work done by Paul on our old Toyota Landcruiser. The body work is amazing and his cleaning and restoring of the interior, especially the leather upholstery, is beyond what we hoped for. Thank you, Paul. 

Louise Gibbs

 Yet again, a wonderful job =- my SAAB now looks like new, thanks. 

Gilbert Long

 Paul carried out an external treatment to my Black, Peugeot 2008 yesterday, resulting in it looking in showroom condition. I'm very pleased and would thoroughly recommend him. Very good value for money. Thx Paul. 

John Kelly

 Paul visited me to detail my Jaguar with an Si02 Quartz ceramic protective coating. He worked hard all day, and the result was so pleasing that I had him return to give my filthy X-Trail a full interior and exterior renovation too. 

Richard Dickson

 "Looks a million times better!" 

Tracey Cowell

 Brilliant job- will definitely use again 

Nick Bentley

 “Very professional and very good results. Was extremely happy with the results” 

Sarah Robson

 Did a great job on 2 1/2 of my cars. A C3 and Z3 had the full works, great job and my Catcus had it’s plastic trim brought back to a showroom finish 

Mark Batey

 “Wow, what a difference!” 

Wendy Martin

 Un Bon service, professionel et expert. Je suis tres satisfaite. J’ai deux voitures nettoyer - bon result. Translation- Good service, professional and expert. I am very satisfied. I have two cars cleaned - good result. 

Andrew Fry

 “Will definitely use your services again” 

Louise Audsley

 “Great job!” 

Marion Cox

 “Is it the same car?” 

Rhonell Joubert

 “Looks great, I’m thrilled with it!” 

Vicky Price

 “Very happy with the car!” 

Jane Brzezicki

 My eight year old VW Polo was almost like new after the detailing. - apart from the inevitable small bodywork damage accumulated over the years. I had thought to change the car but after the work was finished, decided that my pretty and reliable Polo was good for a few more years. 

Alan Richardson

 “I am very pleased with the result of Pauls work” 

Brian Wilkinson

 “Never seen it so shiny!” 

Denis Gale

 "Thanks so much for the great job on the car, it looks great" 

David Goldberg

 Did an absolutely amazing job. Worth every penny. The seats, which had dust and food stains on them are now spotless. Really happy and will definitely be using again. Ford Kuga-Interior valet 

Mark Satterly

 Very good service with a good range of products to back it up. Highly recommended VW Golf- Interior valet 

Jane Haynes

 I was very pleased with the service would definitely use Paul again. Citroen C5- Interior valet 

Graham Bennett

 Cleaned both our cars, Worked hard, Very pleased with the results, Thanks very much. Interior valet Citroen C4 & Mazda 6 estate 

Steve Walsh

 "I am very pleased as the car looks like new. So a big thank you for your efforts." Mercedes SL320- Interior/Exterior "Gold" service 

William Hunter

 Je recommande ses services, travailleur malgré la chaleur et méticuleux. Par rapport au rendu final et pratiquement tout fait à la main, c'est pas cher payer. Beaucoup de produit pour nettoyer les taches les plus récalcitrantes. TRANSLATION- I recommend his services, hardworking despite the heat and meticulous. Compared to the final rendering and practically everything done by hand, it's not expensive to pay. Lots of product to clean the most stubborn stains. 

Maxime Desages