24 Apr

Before I started AutoMOTO Detail, I'd previously only been working on my own and personal friends cars. Most were in ok condition, mine were especially good as I took pride in keeping them in top condition, but working on others vehicles was like a shock to the system, and I quickly found that not everyone shared my passion for keeping paintwork gleaming, regular washing, and hoovering the interior. 

My first challenge was a 2002 Vauxhall Corsa which had been bleached in the sun for 12 years and was pretty much devoid of any shine in the paintwork. I spent an inordinate amount of time polishing it to restore some gloss, and although it wasn't a showroom quality end result, the owner was over the moon, and seeing her genuine pleasure at her "new" looking car, was a great introduction to the highs of giving someone back a vehicle that is clearly in substantially better condition than it started. 

Fast forward 7 months, and I was presented with a vehicle that many would have declined to work on. It had sat unused for 4 months, algae or something green was growing on the outside paintwork, the interior was a mess of dog hair, and it had generally been neglected for many a month, maybe years. 

I never criticise a vehicles condition, their owners have their own stories and reasons for it being that way. I won't share the back story  for this particular vehicle, other than to say the owner was not able to do manual work on it for health reasons. Because this car was going to be such a challenge, I decided to commit the work and condition to film, one, to remind me of its initial condition, and two, to prove to others what can be achieved with hard work and the right tools. 

Have a look through the films at www.facebook.com/automotodetail24, look for videos and select Peugeot Partner Teepee- toughest job yet!!.and you'll see the problems I encountered and the end result. I was proud of it, the owner was over the moon, and if I can work "miracles" like this, think what might be achieved on your vehicle, although hopefully it's not in this kind of condition!


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