03 Sep

It's been a while since I put up a blog post, one of the last ones was celebrating two years in business and we've now passed three years, time has flown!  

Over the past year our new client base has extended, we now have a good number of repeat clients, and word of mouth recommendations has meant that I rarely advertise. 

There continues to be diversity of vehicle types, and work has encompassed everything from sports cars to works vans, and I'm just being commissioned to work on a multiple concours winning vehicle in Spring next year. 

I've written about the options for best protecting your vehicles paintwork, and we are finding many customers are taking the Si02 Quartz ceramic option as it represents great value vs cost. People have been very happy, not only with the finish it gives, but the ease of cleaning once coated. People are so impressed with the longevity and performance of the product, that they are asking me back, sometimes up to a year later, to renew the coating again.

Investing in tools and equipment is a continual and expensive process. Polishing pads cost on average €10 and I have 20+ in different finish options. I'm now using a Henry "George" wet n' dry cleaner, which although rated at only 1000w, seems half as powerful again as the two 1400w hoovers I'd previously used. The performance of the "George" far exceeds the water extraction capabilities of the Bissel Spot Clean Pros I'd previously used, which had cost €140 and I've had two, both of which suffered from broken hose end attachments rendering them useless!     

One of the downsides of being mobile is the weather, and it's played havoc with work during 2021. Constant rain or plus 30C temperatures has been a nightmare to plan work around. I've had to buy another gazebo to provide protection against the heat after my cheap €70 Gifi gazebo legs gave up. The first one after 3 erections, and it's replacement after probably less than 20. I've suffered extreme dehydration, and recently back pain has become an issue after a couple of extremely busy weeks of work. 

Hopefully some physiotherapy and rest will sort things out, and I look forward to continuing the growth achieved so far over the coming year. I've enjoyed meeting people, transforming their vehicles, and have worked on some beautiful cars. If you'd like to have yours transformed too, all the details are on this website, we look forward to hearing from you.




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