04 Jun

Behind every car that I detail there is a back story, whether its about the reason the car is in the condition its in, or something individual to the owners circumstances.

 The story of the "mouldy Megane" features both. The owner had stored her car in a barn with a cover over it as she had done many times, and was away in the UK. For some reason the car developed mould inside whilst she was away, and due to the Covid outbreak was unable to return to clean it, so I got the SOS call.

Mould and Covid at the same time wasn't a good mix, so I outfitted myself with a disposable hazmat suit, a twin filtered face mask, gloves and goggles, and prepared myself to attack this unhealthy looking challenge.

Armed with a multitude of cleaning sprays, brushes, cloths, steam cleaner and water extractor, I set about cleaning the Megane.

It took two sessions. The first took 4 hours as I cleaned, recleaned, treated and retreated the interior. The car was then left outside with the roof down throughout the day, and neighbours came at night to close it up before I returned the next day to open it up again. Treating the mould initially should have killed the spores, and having the interior open to fresh air should ensure they didn't regrow. A second visit taking 3 1/2 hours some 3 days later, saw me going over everything again, and this time I dressed the surfaces to make it difficult for anything to establish a hold again. Just to finish off I gave the exterior a quick going over, sent some pictures to the owner in the UK, and that was it, job done.

So the story came about due to a unique set of circumstances for both the car and owner, almost like the perfect storm, in this case a bad one, but at least it had a happy ending.  

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